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Our mission is to support creative talents in Bali and promote Balinese culture to a global audience. We are also excited on the potential of blockchain and the NFT space in general and hope to create a community where everyone can have fun and get tangible benefits while supporting this project.

Entering The Portal

Owning the NFT is great, verifiable ownership of the art is awesome, but that’s not the end. Your unique NFT will be the access to a wide range of real world utilities and grant you a Baliverse Founder status, a growing blockchain and NFT community that shares your vision. As founders you will be able to enter the portal to an ever-growing community-driven project to explore cutting edge blockchain technology that brings Bali into the metaverse and beyond!


Real World Utilities
On Chain Perks
Chillin' & Clubbing
Exclusive members-only clubs, parties in the paradise island of Bali.
Bali Art Spaces
Art Lessons with Raka Jana and other local artists.
Soothe your Soul
Yoga and Meditation in Ubud, Bali.
Awesome Sports Adventures
Bali United Football Club perks, heart-pounding adventure water sports and many more.
Paradise Delicacy
Wine and dine the nights away, Bali’s very best restaurants for serious foodies!
Webinars, Investing news, Strategies, and Insights.


Opening the gates
The launch of 8000 genesis avatar collection into the blockchain. Each avatar is amazing and unique, but some are rarer than others. The avatars are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing an avatar costs 0.05 ETH (+ gas fees). Join our discord to see more sneak peeks of the art and share the excitement with the rest!
Founders' Privilege
As Baliverse Founders you will be the first in line to receive our next collection drop or exclusive drop made special for Founders. There will also be more founders’ privileges such as exclusive merchandise, signed prints of your NFT, a chance to win a paid vacation to Bali, VIP lounge in Bali, events for holders, merchant deals and many more.
Entering the Metaverse
As founders from all parts of known worlds set their foot inside the portal, a new universe is revealed and opportunities open. Experience the metaverse of Bali Island. Interact and enjoy the beauty of Balinese culture in the Baliverse. Let's build a new paradise together.
And Beyond!
The beautiful sunrise shines over Baliverse, marking the new day ahead. A new dream to be realized and one vision to walk toward. We are hoping that we are walking on this journey with you. Make sure to join our discord channel to learn more and interact with the community because…
Your Voice Matters!
We want to build this project together and would love to hear your ideas. We plan to implement a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system within Baliverse to enable founders to have their voice in this project. Because giving back is important, the Baliverse Team is going to deposit 10 ETH to the community fund that can later on be distributed to projects decided together. We can’t wait to have you, founders, join us in our journey together into the Baliverse.

The Backstory

For many, Bali - the Island of Gods - is considered paradise. Beaches, trees, mountains, flora and fauna.
But deep inside the mountains, where silence prevails, there is a place that few have dared to explore.

The locals call it the “in between” - a world torn between Bali as we know it and an alternate universe where 8,000 live. No one knows who they are - legend claims they are descendants of Balinese gods to protect both realities.

Boundless world. Untold stories. Hidden motives.

Be one of the 8,000 founders and explore this world with us.

Raka Jana


Raka is an up and coming artist originally from a small village in the outskirts of Bali called Desa Tampaksiring. He has been in the creative industry for more than 12 years, illustrating ever since he was a young boy.

As a creativepreneur, he successfully founded a Design Studio (@hns.studio / hnsstudiobali.com) that has worked with 60+ clients including Google, The Bali Zoo, and others. What’s more is he is super passionate about teaching young aspiring artists in Bali and founded a Digital Illustration and Graphic Design Academy (@hns.academy) to do just that.

Fun Fact: Raka is a long time fan of Bali United FC, the professional football club based in Bali, who is also supporting this project. We are proud to have Raka on board and super excited with what he has in store for us.

We support Raka, we support Bali!


Supported by Bali United FC

Baliverse is supported by Bali United FC, the professional football club in Bali. Through this project, Bali United aims to provide a platform to advance the local creative industry by supporting young artists and sharing Balinese culture to a global audience. Bali United is committed to making a positive impact to the local community.

In the process, Bali United is also excited to explore the untapped potential of the NFT space and the innovation that will come out of it.

Be part of this awesome and growing community.
Have fun!


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